Common Mistakes in Lawn Maintenance in Darien, CT

It’s okay to do the lawn works all on your own provided that you know how it is all done and you’re complete with all the needed tools and equipment. In case you are wondering why you still haven’t seen any progress after all your efforts in lawn care and maintenance, it may be because you have done the job in the wrong way. During your DIY lawn maintenance, be reminded of these common errors or mistakes to avoid, so you’ll see excellent results on your natural turf in no time.


Regular lawn maintenance especially lawn irrigation is important to prevent your natural turf from drying and eventually dying. However, remember to apply adequate water and achieve an even watering coverage on your lawn. Otherwise, your lawn would become totally damp resulting to poor rooting.


If you are not knowledgeable enough in applying fertilizers to your lawn, you should leave the task to experts. Overfertilizing can expose your grass to diseases and you’ll be wasting a lot of money for your purchased yet wasted fertilizers.

Cutting the grass too short

When mowing your lawn, you should know how to properly cut the grass. Always use a high-standard mowing equipment that is sharp enough to cut or trim the grass. Inaccurately mowing your lawn can either lead to a messy lawn look caused by torn grass blades or poor rooting inhibiting healthy growth.

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