Common Mistakes in Lawn Mowing in Darien, CT

Grass-cutting is never an easy task. But if you want to handle the lawn works on your own so to personally monitor your home environment, you can learn some helpful tips and ideas in mowing your lawn. As long as you are able to do what is accurate and just for a grass-cutting result, then you can go on with the practice of DIY lawn mowing. Just remember to be careful when operating the mowing equipment and prioritize your health and safety at all times. Here are some common mistakes in DIY lawn mowing that you should probably avoid.

Cutting the grass too short.

When mowing your lawn, remember to get or remove only 1/3 of the glass blade. If you cut too much, you will cause stress on the ground inhibiting its healthy growth. Make it a practice to cut a small amount of the grass blade every time you mow your lawn.

Mowing your lawn in the same pattern the whole year round.

The consistency of your mowing pattern or direction will mat down your natural turf and results to poor quality grass growth. By varying the pattern in which you cut your lawn, you can avoid double mowing areas.

Using blunt mowing blades.

For best results, always use an updated and high-standard lawn mowing equipment for your lawn care and maintenance. A dull or blunt mower blade will tear down the glass blade leaving a messy look on your lawn and creating entryways for grass diseases.

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